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Introduction by Head Teacher

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to High Mill Primary School’s website.

High Mill Primary is a busy and friendly school with lots of interesting, challenging and relevant learning and activities going on. Our school is a happy, inclusive community which cares for and nurtures one another.

Through our website, we provide parents, carers, pupils and our friends in the community with regular information about the work and life of the school. We also aim to share the many different aspects of school life and to showcase the learning, skills, leadership, talents and success of our amazing pupils.

We are proud of our school and are always eager to be active in our community. If you have any comments or queries, or are interested in learning more about High Mill please contact us, we enjoy welcoming visitors.
We hope that you enjoy browsing our website and that it gives you a flavour of the work of the school, our curriculum, activities and policies.

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Kirstine McDonald

Head Teacher


06-10-2022 01:30: P6/5 Swimming

Start Time: 06-10-2022 01:30

End Time: 06-10-2022 03:00

06-10-2022 09:00: P7 Forest School

Start Time: 06-10-2022 09:00

End Time: 06-10-2022 12:15

06-10-2022 12:30: Football John Cummings Stadium

Start Time: 06-10-2022 12:30

End Time: 06-10-2022 14:30

10-10-2022: Harvest Festival Assembly

Start Time: 10-10-2022

End Time: All Day Event

Additional Info: Harvest Assembly P2/1 more infoormation to follow

13-10-2022 01:30: P6/5 Swimming

Start Time: 13-10-2022 01:30

End Time: 13-10-2022 03:00